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Growing up my father photographed my siblings and I with a film Praktika SLR camera. I can trace my interest in photography from those days. I loved film, the images were full of grain, often tinted, sometimes faded and full of flare from the Zimbabwean sun.

Fast forward a couple decades and the passion has grown arms and legs. The emotion stirred up when looking at those photos and reminiscing is the reason I am a photographer. I want the images I take for you to flood back from the memory and emotion bank when you open up your albums in years to come.

We may grow old but the memories surely do last a lifetime through images. Through photography I get to travel, meet new people and have different experiences - taking it all in through my camera lens wherever possible.

Through the eye of my camera lens, I want to capture moments that will withstand the test of time and bring much joy to those who view them. .

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Truly yours,

Ben Mac.